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Howard and Wendy have been professional teachers and artists for all their working lives. Howard taught at the University of Plymouth where he was Head of Art. Wendy was Associate Adviser for Art for Devon and later worked with Howard in teacher training at the University of Plymouth in Exmouth. They are both practicing artists who paint in a range of media and who have exhibited widely in one man shows in the UK and abroad.

Howard Jones

Howard Jones - 2010 Exhibition
Howard Jones - Cascade Rhymes
Howard Jones - Dartmoor Tors
Howard Jones - Landscapes
Howard Jones - France
Born in Shropshire, Howard trained in fine art at the Shrewsbury School of Art and later at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. He entered art teaching, working in Worcestershire, before he and Wendy were married and moved to Devon. There he worked as a Principal Lecturer at the University of Plymouth. Throughout that time he was responsible for teaching art to both primary and secondary teachers. Howard has always been fascinated by landscape and his themes have included the Devon & Cornish coasts, Provence and the Pyrenees. He has held some 30 one man exhibitions in the UK and France and has many works in public and private collections. Howard works in a wide range of media but principally in oils and watercolours.

Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones - Sunflowers Wendy Jones - Poppies Wendy Jones - Dandelions Wendy Jones - Lichen Wendy Jones - Flowers Wendy Jones - Barley Wendy Jones - Abalone Wendy Jones - Collections Wendy Jones - Anthologies Most of my paintings have starting points derived from botanical and natural sources. I am constantly inspired by the range of form, detail and colour to be found in the structure of plants. Plants make an important contribution to our everyday life in varied forms including food, drink and medicines. They beautify our most momentous occasions of birth, marriage and death. They enrich our environment and the gardens we create. The history of plants, their symbolic and curative powers and the darker side of magic, superstition and poisons fascinate me and sometimes influence the style of my work.
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