howard and wendy jones
Howard Jones

Cascade's Rhymes

In 1985, I exhibited my first Cascade's Rhymes Suite - paintings that focused on the small Dartmoor River called the Becka Brook close to Becky Falls. Since that time I have constantly revisited that landscape as a subject for my work. These paintings are embedded in observations of Dartmoor Rivers, particularly the Dart, Avon, and the Becka Brook. I find the constantly changing pace and mood of the river has parallels with life itself. At times the water appears calm and reflective and at others full of confusion, disorder, and, like life, always moving on. These green and beautiful places have been further focused and energised through his reading of the poem Under the Waterfall by Thomas Hardy. I find the descriptions used by Hardy have wonderful words and phrases that suggest colours, marks and brushstrokes when I come to painting the waters of these Dartmoor Rivers. Some of this work was displayed at Howard's 2009 exhibition, Cascade's Rhymes Revisited.
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