howard and wendy jones
Howard Jones

Chasing Waterfalls

Exhibition at the Courtyard Gallery. Town Mill, Lyme Regis, 2009

The exhibition ran from 19th June to 4th July 2010.

'CHASING WATERFALLS' are all about the wild, secret rivers and landscapes of Dartmoor and the Westcountry. Intrigued both by the monumental eroded granite Tors and by the rushing rivers flowing through the moss covered valleys, Howard remains under the spell of that green, dark enchanted landscape which, for him, is so particular to the spirit of Dartmoor, finding constant inspiration from its different moods and seasons. Howard uses various media including oils and mixed media and produces both large and small scale paintings. He has held some 32 one-man exhibitions in the UK and France. His reviews include The Guardian, Arts Review and the French regional press.
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