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Wendy Elizabeth Jones L.R.A.M., Cert.Ed

Wendy studied painting at Bournville School of Art and later trained to become a teacher at Westbourne College, Birmingham. Throughout that time she studied piano and singing at the Birmingham School of Music and became an L.R.A.M. for Pianoforte. After a career teaching in schools in Birmingham and Exmouth she later became Associate Adviser for Art for Devon, 1991-97 and Director of Courses at the Beaford Art Centre, 1995-97. Wendy lectured on the PGCE course for Secondary Art & Design at the Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth, 1999 to 2005.

"Most of my paintings have starting points derived from botanical and natural sources. I am constantly inspired by the range of form, detail and colour to be found in the structure of plants. Plants make an important contribution to our everyday life in varied forms including food, drink and medicines. They beautify our most momentous occasions of birth, marriage and death. They enrich our environment and the gardens we create.

The history of plants, their symbolic and curative powers and the darker side of magic, superstition and poisons fascinate me and sometimes influence the style of my work. Many of the plants that we almost take for granted in our gardens are only there because very passionate and brave men and women have been driven to search the world for new plants to take back to their own countries. Some of these plant hunters became very famous and rich, some died penniless and some never returned at all. Looking around a garden becomes something quite different when viewed with this understanding.

When my attention is particularly captured by a subject I tend to work in series. In this way I can fully explore my ideas for experimenting with compositions and techniques to interpret complex structures."

The prices of Wendy's paintings range from £300 to £1400. A range of signed limited edition (100) prints are also available mounted unframed, for £60 - £70. Please email for details.

Wendy has had many one woman exhibitions in England and France. She has also exhibited with The Society of Women Artists and the Royal West of England Academy. See the panel on the right for a list of her exhibitions in the south west of England.
SOUTH WEST EXHIBITIONS Mar 2009: Ariel Centre Gallery, Totnes
Jul 2008: Southwest Academy, Exeter
Aug 2008: RHS Rosemoor Gardens
Jul 2007: Southwest Academy, Exeter
Aug 2007: RHS Rosemoor Gardens
May 2006: Otterton Mill, Devon
Jul 2006: Southwest Academy, Plymouth
Sep 2005: Consort Café Gallery, Exeter
Aug 2005: RHS Rosemoor Gardens
Jan 2004: Sherwell Centre, University of Plymouth
Jul 2004: Southwest Academy, Exeter
Aug 2004: RHS Rosemoor Gardens
Nov 2003: Owen Gallery, University of Plymouth
Jul 2003: Southwest Academy, Exeter
Jul 2002: Southwest Academy, Exeter
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